Roll-off Waste Containers

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Obey the No-No List: What Not to Toss into Your Roll-Off Waste Container

When it comes to roll-off waste containers, it’s like they have a VIP list for items they’d rather not entertain. Picture it as a swanky party, but instead of exclusive guests, we’re talking about stuff that doesn’t belong. Let’s unravel the mystery of the forbidden items that your roll-off container just won’t tolerate.

Electronics, AKA the Wired Intruders:

Your old TV might’ve seen better days, but the roll-off container is not the place for its retirement party. Electronics contain valuable materials and hazardous substances that need specialized handling. Check out local e-waste recycling options to give these gadgets a proper send-off.

Prohibited Liquids, aka the Splashy Saboteurs:

Dumping liquids into your container might seem innocent, but it can cause a whole mess for everyone involved. From environmental hazards to logistical nightmares, liquids are a big no-no. Empty out that paint can before tossing it in and consider proper disposal methods for other liquid offenders.

Hazardous Materials, aka the Toxic Trouble-Makers:

Paints, oils, chemicals, batteries, asbestos – oh my! Hazardous materials pose serious risks to the environment and those handling the waste. Many communities have specific collection points or events for these items. Do your part and dispose of them responsibly.

Tires, aka the Rubber Rebels:

Tires are a different breed altogether. They’re not only a challenge to compact in the container, but they’re also environmentally unfriendly. Most places have designated spots for tire recycling – give those rubber rebels a chance at a second life.

Refrigerators and Air Conditioners, aka the Cooling Criminals:

Appliances with refrigerants need special care due to their environmental impact. Local regulations often require you to follow specific procedures when disposing of these cooling criminals. Seek out appliance recycling programs to ensure they’re handled properly.

In a nutshell, your roll-off container is a discerning host. Be mindful of what you toss into the mix, and everyone – including the environment – will thank you. Coastal Container thanks you! (Plus, we don’t want to charge you 15% over for the violation). Happy dumping.

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